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....I have used CounselMaster' to confirm to congregation members areas of concern such as addictions, anxiety, depression and other disorders. This helps me to be able to refer where needed along with providing quality pastoral care.

David M., North Carolina
....A great feature of the web-based instruments is the ability to administer the questions remotely. This saves me and those being counseled precious time....

Wayne D., M.Div., Wisconsin
The CounselMaster software is a very effect software program in helping to determine the condition and status of a client prior to starting the counseling sessions....

Richard M., Illinois
I've only been using CounselMaster for about six months, but the positive impact on my young practice as been incredible....

Adam C., Indiana
....I find CounselMaster very helpful in finding the areas in a couple's relationship that may need special attention. The online questionnaires make it very easy to use.

Phil W., Washington
....I have used their material for over 10 years and love the accessibility of the web-based material.

Bob F., North Carolina
....I would recommend the program to any church, looking for help in their counseling work.

Dom V., Europe
I have been using CounselMaster program for 4 years in a residential program for teens as well as nonresidential counseling for adults. The assessments provided have been some of the most valuable tools I have....

Arley H., Kentucky
I have been using CounselMaster since 1996 and have found them to be one of the most reliable and useful tools in my counseling practice. The ease of use, reliability of results and outstanding support have made my job much easier....

Dr. Walker M., PhD, LMFT, LPC, NCC, Louisiana
I have been a priest/counselor for nearly 20 years....Not only is it easy to use, it is very reasonably priced, a good bang for the buck!

V. Rev. David M., Vermont
I have been using CounselMaster since its early days when it came on 3.5 hard disks (late 80's or early 90's)!...I have found the results to be useful to me....I would recommend this product to any counselor at any skill level.

Dan G., MA in Counseling, Missouri
I have been using CounselMaster since 1999 and have found it to be very useful in my ministry....It has been very helpful in giving me a plan of action for the individuals I have counseled....I would highly recommend this software.

Dennis N., Kentucky
I have used CounselMaster for more than seven years....As a counseling instrument, CounselMaster provides me with a way to approach my clients in an extremely non-judgmental way. The Assessments simply speak for themselves, and very well, indeed!

Joseph M., Washington
....With the ease of use and the tests offered I've been able to help people in different areas of life's difficulties. Thanks for this great resource!

Kelly G., Florida
This software has been invaluable in my pastoral counseling duties. I highly recommend it.

Nathan O., California
My use of CounselMaster has been long and fruitful..., CounselMaster provided me with not only a tested tool but one that was statistically sound....Here is a product that is not only field-tested but is being updated faithfully.

Michael H., Ed.S., Indiana
CounselMaster has been a part of my professional and pastoral counseling for many years....It has been very helpful and effective, especially since I am a Professional Counselor....I cannot imagine my counseling without CounselMaster being an important part.

Dr. Robert C., Alabama
Overview of CounselMaster     Details for Assessments     Testimonials

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