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CounselMaster is the most effective and most comprehensive counseling assessment and management tool available on the market. If you are involved in counseling, the tools that CounselMaster offers will be vital to your efforts in helping others. CounselMaster offers a number essential features for your helping efforts. Those features include:
  • Ten professional counseling Assessments that can be used on an unlimited basis.
  • Ability to record confidential therapist notes, SOAP notes and DAP Notes.
  • Holistic analysis of marital and premarital relationships. Those results contain a combination of the results of multiple Assessments that have been administered all incorporated into one comprehensive report.
  • Complete DSM-IV-TR recording and assessment capabilities including search of the DSM database, recording of diagnosis for the client, clinical diagnostic decision trees for Personality Disorders and Mood Disorders.
  • Record client drug use information including drug name, automatic warnings for some dangerous drugs, and fact sheets about dangerous drugs. You may also include the medical doctor who scripted the drug, a short summary of the reason for use, the date that the person started the drug, and the dosage.
  • Homework assignments are one of the most essential features of counseling on a consistent basis. You may record all homework assignments that have been given to a client for review during future sessions. You may indicate that the client has completed the homework asisgnment and the reason that it was not completed, if that is the case.
  • Complete Treatment Planning and client Problem Identification.
  • The MARETweb Project has an extensive help system both in documentation and in video format hosted on YouTube.
  • Complete client data intake information.
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