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This list contains the current Assessments available in the CounselMaster System. You may use them on an unlimited basis with a subscription to the MARETweb Project.
  • QuikTest -- QT is an assessment of anxiety, depression and personal safety (including potential for suicide). This tool is time-tested since 1988.
  • Personality Spectrum Analysis -- PSA measures personality structure and maladaptation according to the criteria found in the DSM-IV-TR. It also assesses for psychopathy (informally) using criteria from the Assessment itself. The comprehensive report displays summary results for other Assessments if they have been administered.
  • Addiction and Dependency Survey -- ADS is an assessment of two physiological addictions: alcohol and drugs. It also measures five compulsive behaviors that can be dependencies. Those include sex, food, work, religion, and gambling. Furthermore, it assesses eight areas thought to be associated with both depedent and codependent behaviors. Those are: shame, fear of failure, fear of rejection, control issues, coping issues, thrill-seeking issues and previous relationship issues.
  • Personal Portrait Inventory -- PPI measures 20 broad areas of personality showing intra-personal and inter-personal issues. This is a great tool to help you and your client understand what makes them tick.
  • MARET Anger Diagnostics (MAD) -- MAD includes the following scales: An overall score, a clinical analysis score, a score that indicates the DSM-IV Intermittent Explosive Disorder possibility, memory loss due to potential psychosis, abusive-type anger, physiological manifestations of anger, emotional manifestations of anger, behavioral manifestations of anger, anxiety indications (highly correlated with elevated anger scores), and an alternative anger expression score (e.g., passive-aggressive anger).
  • Home of Origins Inventory -- The Home of Origins Inventory is a comprehensive anaysis of important factors that a client faced during childhood. There are 13 scales that indicate abuse, neglect, and other dysfunctions in the home environment.
  • Marriage Inventory -- MMI is a measurement of 13 characteristics associated with the marriage relationship. The Inventory indicates potential for domestic violence and home of origin issues.
  • Premarital Inventory -- MPI is an assessment of 10 critical areas associated with the premarital relationship. This includes home of origin issues and potential for abuse.
  • QuikTest for Youth -- This is the same Assessment given to adults (QuikTest) except that its standardization criteria are set for children between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age.
  • Spiritul Gifts Assessment -- SGA is a measurement of 11 key spiritual gifts critical to the development of any faith-based organization. The gifts measured are: wisdom, knowledge, faith, helps, administration, proclamation, teaching, exhortation, giving, mercy and helps. The Spritiual Gifts Assessment is also directly connected with the GiftMaster Spritiual Gifts Management System.
Overview of CounselMaster     Details for Assessments     Testimonials

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