HIPPA Compliance Statement
Various websites will list different factors that make a website HIPPA Compliant. The MARETweb Project meets and/or exceeds all requirements for HIPPA Compliance found on those sites. The list below is both typical and most complete. Note the action taken on the MARETweb Project to meet or exceed these expectations.
  1. Data Transport Encryption: The MARETweb Project employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to establish an encrypted link between your browser and the web server that hosts the MARETweb Project. The SSL ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
  2. Data Backup: Data stored on the online MARETweb Project server is housed and backed up on the Internet Service Provider's in-house servers. The code that allows the site to function is backed up daily on the MARETweb Project's local computer equipment.
  3. Restricted Access/Authorization: The MARETweb Project is only accessible by authorized personnel using unique, audited access controlled passwords.
  4. Data Integrity: Data is not able to be tampered with by others who use the MARETweb Project or by those from outside the Project.
  5. Storage Encryption: From the beginning, the MARETweb Project has employed a unique and appropriate method of data storage that encrypts and codifies all client data including Assessment results.
  6. Data Disposal: At the request of a therapist, MARETweb will completely eliminate data on a specific client. Furthermore, data regarding any client may be suppressed by the therapist through the deactivation of a client's account. In the future, the therapist may reactive a client so that their data can be reemployed.
  7. Business Associate Agreement: The MARETweb Project will not do business with any electronic partner wherein that partner is not fully HIPPA Compliant. Any Business Associate will provide their HIPPA Compliance in writing if that Compliance is not apparent on their website.
The criteria above was compiled from the following website: https://luxsci.com/blog/what-makes-a-web-site-hipaa-secure.html